Services provided by In Home Essential Care

Following is a list of Services Provided by In Home Essential Care.

Personal Care – These services include assistance with daily personal hygiene.  This could include bathing, dressing, hair care, shaving, skin care, and nail care.  This does NOT include any wound care assistance.

Personal Laundry – These services include changing and washing the bed linens, and washing and folding the client’s clothes and personal towels.

Light Cleaning – These services include vacuuming and dusting the clients living areas, and wiping up any spills in the kitchen or in the bathroom.  This does NOT include any movement of furniture or heavy cleaning, such as window, ceiling fans, floors, etc.

Companionship – These services include reading to the client, playing cards/games, sitting and talking, even praying with the client.

Doctor’s Appointments – These services include taking the client to a doctor’s appointment, or clinic and assisting them with registration/insurance and understanding the doctor’s instructions.  Assistance may also be given to schedule appointments and communicate important information back to the family as needed.

Meal Planning and Preparation – These services include working with the client and the client’s family in order to plan and prepare meals that are appropriate.  All meals will be made at the client’s home with the client’s provisions.

Personal Shopping/Errands – These services include helping the client get to the store for personal shopping, prescriptions and groceries.  If a client is unable to go with the caregiver, the caregiver can perform these tasks instead of the client.

Medication Reminders – These services include reminding the client to take their medication at a given time of the day.  This does NOT include handling the medication, or filling medication trays.

Pet Assistance – These services include general pet care, which could include letting the dog out/walking the dog, emptying a cat’s litter box, as well as feeding the pets.

Compassionate Care for Seniors